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Joy Krauthammer photos of Reb Shlomo, pages 390-405

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Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, - Life, Mission, and Legacy by Natan Ophir 2013
Urim Publications

Feb 1 1994 Tatou Nightclub

 “Carlebach West”:
From Earthquake to LA Carlebach Minyan

On January 17, 1994, residents of the greater Los Angeles area were rudely awakened by the Northridge earthquake. A benefit concert was quickly organized to raise relief funds, and Shlomo was invited. The concert, entitled Rekindling the Flame, took place on February 1, 1994 at the Tatou nightclub in the affluent city of Beverly Hills near Los Angeles.[1] The musicians accompanying Shlomo included Robby Nathan Halperin, Bruce Berger, Skye Michaels, Simcha (Ed) Sheldon, Sam Glaser, Chanan (Michael Ian) Elias, P.F. Sloan, and two women, Joy Krauthammer (percussionist), and Shirley Perluss (mandolin).

A few weeks later, on March 11–12, 1994, Shlomo led a Shabbaton program in the B’nai David-Judea (BDJ) Synagogue in the Pico Robertson area in Los Angeles.[2] The program was so inspirational that afterwards Stuart Wax and Lewis Weinger opened a bank account and registered the name “Carlebach West” with the intent of establishing a Carlebach minyan in Los Angeles.[3] The Happy Minyan of LA was founded a year later, in March 1995, the Shabbat after the wedding of Stuie and Enny Wax. The LA Happy Minyan “now draws 100 to 150 people to services at The Karate Academy of Pico-Robertson.”

Pictures with captions.
Two photos below taken by Shira Solomon preserve some of the unique flavor of this event. In this picture: Sam Glazer, Ed Simcha Sheldon, Michael Ian Elias, (Robert) Jake Jacobs, Reb Shlomo Carlebach, Shirley Perluss,  Joy Krauthammer. Other musicians included: Robby Nathan Halperin (Simcha), Bruce Berger (Rebbe Soul),  Skye Michaels, (P.F. Sloan). Healing and Recovery concert to benefit the J.F. C. Earthquake Relief Fund
Feb. 1, 1994, Tatou nightclub, Beverly Hills, CA,  © Lewis Weinger

Two additional pictures are from Lewis (Aryeh Leib) Weinger, Chief Financial Officer of the Tatou nightclub who was instrumental in the organizing. Aryeh Leib made aliyah recently and lives in Tekoa. He is an active board member of the Carlebach Legacy Foundation.

[1] Ophir, Carlebach Life, Mission and Legacy, pg. 391.
[2] See Joy Krauthammer, “The Pied Piper – Dancing with Joy,” Kol Chevra, vol. 15, 2009, 106–109. On p. 108, is a picture of Joy with Reb Shlomo at 2:30 AM when she completed duplicating tapes of this concert. See also
[3] Ophir, Carlebach Life, Mission and Legacy, pg. 393.
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