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Reb Shlomo's Legacy

Keeping Reb Shlomo's Legacy Alive
 by Joy Krauthammer   
May 2011 
Dearest Emuna, 

You request stories for the upcoming annual edition of Kol Chevre. I'll share with you here, how in my way, I try to keep the legacy alive for our beloved, Reb Shlomo Carlebach, z'l. 

In my monthly e-zine, JOYous CHAI LIGHTS  I include Kol Chevre journal info, always updating with new Kol Chevre edition facts. I include Reb Shlomo's, z'l, disciples' contacts under TORAHS, so others can be inspired and remember. When Shlomo's daughter, Neshama Carlebach, comes to town, I include her concerts, and CD review in my Chai Lights. A couple decades ago I used to write stories about our beloved Shlomo and the chevre in The Jewish Calendar Magazine.
I created a blog for my Reb Shlomo story illustrated with my photographs. I hope you enjoy reading and viewing. The main story is reprinted from Kol Chevre, and the Jewish Calendar Magazine.

Every year on Reb Shlomo's yahrzeit, because I was mamash blessed to be Shlomo's drummer, I arrange Reb Shlomo Carlebach memorial concerts in Los Angeles, CA. At those times, I play percussion in the Chassidic Orchestra at Valley Beth Shalom. Since VBS Cantor Herschel Fox was a child, he knew Shlomo and sang with him, and shares those endearing moments and stories with congregants. Congregants love to share their personal stories with me following the concert. I had a band, Open To Wonder, and we played Shlomo songs. I continue to play Shlomo’s music.

Every year, I also organize a memorial concert and play with musicians at Makom Ohr Shalom. I announce at other shuls when it is Reb Shlomo's yahrzeit, and acknowledge with composer credit, the niggunim we sing.  Other years I have played memorials with additional synagogues. I write up PR stories for news publications with Shlomo's history, so others may come.

Recently I met Jake Jacobs, drummer. We recognized each other from the 1994 Benefit Concert for Northridge, CA earthquake victims, that Reb Shlomo played. I sent Jake a photo of all of us that was shot during the concert at the Beverly Hills Tatou nightclub. I also sent concert photos to Shirley Perluss--mandolin player, Sam Glaser, Bruce Berger, and Simcha Sheldon, so they can all remember. See the photo in my website. I felt good that I could share the memories. (A friend of mine, Shira, has the video she took of that concert. She needs funding to convert it for current viewing.)

At gatherings, I present framed photos of Shlomo. For Pesach, I was pleased to see that Jerusalem's Rabbi Sholom Brodt used one of them (Shlomo and the menorah) in his Passover e-greeting. I recall when chevre Janice Belson brought to Jerusalem, 100 copyright copies of my best Shlomo photo, after the Holy One took home Shlomo's neshama and released his body. 

(If anyone finds my personal 16' x 20' framed multi-photo collage of Shlomo used at an LA memorial, please let me know. Someone borrowed it.)

I remember when Zivi Ritchie 1995 had used my photo of Shlomo on the cover of his books (all editions) on Shlomo, "Friends, Listen to This"  Teachings on Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. (Please properly credit the photographer © Joy Krauthammer.)  It is a small world. 

When my daughter, Aviva Krauthammer went to Ukraine in 1998 to make Seders for shtetels, she went also to Uman and to Rebbe Nachman's grave. What did Aviva find at the kever of Rebbe Nachman? Gevalt, there was the little book on Shlomo, and Aviva recognized the photo of Shlomo with the menorah that I had taken in LA.

Aviva Krauthammer at Rebbe Nachman's grave in Uman, Ukraine
holding Shlomo book found at kever. 

Aviva's best friend still thanks me for bringing him with her to meet Reb Shlomo. Other college friends remember when after Shlomo's death, for her UCSB Hillel I sponsored a Shabbaton and musical Malavah Malkah, with the Moshav Band. The Shabbaton didn't happen until spring 1999, yet these memories are dear to my heart, knowing especially that because of Hillel and the Shabbaton, some inspired kids made aliyah. I had to miss the Shabbaton because sadly, my father, z'l, had just died.

Last year, January 2010, I was pleased to organize and hold an event in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, for Jerusalem's Rabbi Shlomo Brodt of Yeshivat Simchat Shlomo. He could bring Shlomo's inspired teachings, and it would benefit Shlomo's legacy and the Yeshivah. I loved it that I could accompany Reb Sholom on my djembe drum as we sang niggunim, as I had for Shlomo. Friends, Carol and Mel Maller, kindly hosted the beautiful evening in their home. Their son hosts Reb Sholom in New Jersey.

I like to tell stories about Shlomo and sometimes at holidays I share Reb Shlomo's stories. I do my work, drumming, and mitzvot believing I function as a gesher / bridge in the light of Reb Shlomo.

I kvell when I read about holy brother Reb Shlomo Katz' gevalt accomplishments and family. (He and I share the same birthday!) I recall when holy sister Darlene Rose and I had given to young Shlomo so much of Reb Shlomo's music and teachings, which he was digesting so deeply. I am happy knowing that brother Shlomo gives over the highest teachings and takes his music around the globe.

At shuls, I always call attention to leadership when programs with Reb Shlomo's music are printed and his name is not included. I believe in crediting the musician and the artist, and advocate this. I also ask that when my photos are used that I always freely share for decades, that I, the photographer am credited with my name and ©. Sadly, mostly credit does not happen. With Kol Chevre, it does.

Thank you, holy sister Emuna, for all you devotedly do with the highest kavannah / intention. I was so happy to spend time with you two summers ago in NY. I had no idea that we had grown up near each other in Queens. I am grateful for the time that my daughter and her American friends at Jerusalem HU spent Shabbat over in your home and they were transformed. One young Rabbi Sela spoke about this meaningful experience during his Yom Kippur sermon, 2013.

I love reading the news of Kol Chevre and in Kol Chevre. I wish I, too, could be on the Moshav for Rosh Chodesh, and at the Kotel with you for Shabbat, and at all the mamash gevaldt happenings filled with the deepest and highest meaning.

BlesSings for health, wholeness, shalom, revealed miracles, and joy,
JOY Krauthammer
“Ivdu Et Hashem B’Simcha”
Serve G*d With Joy

"The Divine One is The Source of Joy. To be joyous is to be connected with the Source.
One who is connected to the Source IS joyous!"  - Reb Sholom Brodt


Reb Shlomo Carlebach and percussionist Joy Krauthammer

Lots of concerts at lots of places...
A blesSing to be in Shlomo's band of musicians.
~ ~ ~

Neshama Carlebach keeps alive the legacy of her beloved father, Shlomo, still 20 years later.

Joy Krauthammer and Neshamah Carlebach
Kalsman concert, Soul Journey 5.3.2015
© Marvin Steindler

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